Armband - Rosenquarz - 24K Gold

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Gemstones - 4mm rose quartz Heishi pearls rose quartz

4mm pearls 24K gold-plated

Signature pearl 24K gold-plated

handmade in Berlin

Product no: RG1316

This armband is lined up with an elastic thread that is easily heard. The elastic thread is stretchy and stretches like a rubber band when putting it on and taking it off. Our durable rubber band is covered with strong silicone and is familiar with its soft elasticity. Each of our handmade bracelets is unique. We manufacture our jewelry from the most important materials. The common pieces from our collection can be taken care of the same as they are treated. The bracelets inspire with their elegant, leading, timeless and at the same time individual design. A unique piece from our Beliano collection makes your rights an eye-catcher and with its timeless design is a constant companion for every day. Healing effects of rose quartz: has a positive effect on love, sensitivity, romance, harmony, open-mindedness, lovesickness Healing effects of gold: stands for certain - has a positive effect on self-confidence, love, personality How do I determine my size? You can use a tape measure to control your scope of rights. Wrap it around the owner's neck once you will be wearing your Beliano bracelet. Make a note of the number where the tape measure belongs to 0 again. The more how you wear the bracelet - locker, a perfect fit, taut -, you can be more guaranteed or subtracted. Please hear that all of our bracelets are hand-made and inspected and that their shape, shape and color may vary.